The Blockchain Layer

Having considered your use case, DApp design, and the data you want to store in the shared ledger, you need an Enterprise Blockchain layer as the foundation of your business network.

This shared layer is replicated many times by the members of your business network that administer nodes, and blocks are formed to maintain the state of assets.

The blockchain layer is central enough to the Butane stack that we have a whole section of the docs dedicated to it.

Learn how easy it is in Butane to experiment and evaluate the right protocol implementation and consensus algorithm for your use case, how to maintain enough signatories in your business network to sign new blocks in the chain to ensure it remains healthy and active, and how to extend the pre-build tokenization capabilities of Butane and Ethereum with custom Smart Contract logic to govern the state transitions for your shared ledger data.

Learn how to build your Blockchain network on Butane!

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