Off-Chain Document Store

Use the document store service to securely upload and transfer files within a Butane environment. With blockchains being poorly suited for large payloads and sensitive data such as PII, an ancillary file sharing utility that can exist next to the chain provides immense benefit at both a business and security level. Transactions simply need to reference a file's hash, rather than dealing with the file contents directly.

Any uploaded or received file can be conveniently organized using intuitive folder structures and persisted in either Butane hosted storage or cloud-delegated and user-controlled services such as AWS S3 Buckets or Azure Blob containers. All transferred data is deterministically hashed, signed, compressed and asymmetrically encrypted in flight using proven public key infrastructure techniques, offering provable guarantees that only the intended recipient can effectively decrypt the packet. The service leverages the On-Chain Registry service for address look up and certificate functionality, as well as the Butane network's Kafka backbone for high throughput, fault tolerant reliable delivery and transport. Interaction with service is flexible, with support for the in-console graphical user interface, Butane RESTful APIs and connections for reliable event notification.

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