Butane Mobile use Cases

Given its easily customizable character, $BBC mobile-centric infrastructure for issuing tokens and creating communities around them has a wide range of potential applications.
Companies and other organizations can use either $BBC Studio or Butane Studio in conjunction with a customized version of a Butane Wallet to create tokens to be used by users onboarded either to their proprietary app or a fork of Butane Wallet. They can also whitelist businesses for the token community ecosystem and activate fiat on-ramps.
In what follows, we would like to provide a few already implemented token community use cases for illustration.

A Solution for Streamlining Charitable Donations

The Communitaria project has $BBC B2B technology to solve an important problem in the charity industry. It launched a token backed one-to-one by the donated funds that can only be spent by the beneficiaries using the project's mobile app. The tokens can only be used for payment at the participating shops selling fresh produce.
This has allowed Communitarian to reassure the donors that the funds they provide can only be used for the stated goal: enabling the beneficiaries to buy fresh food. Other NGOs and charitable projects can also target their donations better and more transparently by using the Butane technology.