Contract Audit

Build Trust In Your Project With A Smart Contract Audit

SolidSOL has audited more than 50,000 solidity code-lines on BUTANE Smart Chain! 🛡️

Premier security partner of BUTANE. Get Safu, and Audit badges for your presale/fairlaunch.

Smart Contract Audit & Solidity Development

SolidSOL provides professional, thorough, fast, and easy-to-understand smart contract security audit. We do in-depth and penetrative static, manual, automated, and intelligent analysis of the smart contract. Some of our automated scans include tools like ConsenSys MythX, Mythril, Slither, Surya. We can audit custom smart contracts, DApps, NFTs, etc.

Why SolidSol Smart Contract Audit?

  • Thorough: 25 Pages+ Extensive Audit Report

  • Fast: Quick 1 to 5 Days Turnaround Time

  • Affordable: Standard Contract Audit From $300 Request Audit

In conclusion, you’ll get a thorough smart contract audit in a fast, yet affordable manner. Request an audit today.

rce code analysis.

Contract Development

Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. SolidSOL can develop and test custom smart contracts, staking & presale contracts, and NFT contracts.

Project Verification

Project Verification is an in-depth analysis of the public project. This analysis is freely accessible. SolidSOL provides independent project evaluation by assessing vision, team, tech stack, maturity, funding, and community.

Compliance Proof

SolidSOL’s novel “Certificate of Compliance” enforces that the project has been audited by SolidSOL’s security architecture. Your asset holders can get just the right amount of information regarding the smart contract audit with this document. Contact us to request a smart contract audit, with a compliance certificate.

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