How to run network nodes

Run Local Node

  1. 1.
    Git clone
  2. 2.
    Copy source form node-example to root folder
cp -r ButaneCoinNetwork/node-example/BESC /root/
  1. 3.
    Create an Account
cd /root/GAS
chmod +x openethereum
./openethereum account new --config nodes/validator/node.toml
Returned address like that 0x....
Copy result address to mode.toml Ex:
unlock = ["0x0"]
password = ["password"]
force_sealing = true
engine_signer = "0x00aa"
reseal_on_txs = "none"
  1. 4.
    Run the authority nodes
./openethereum --config ./nodes/validator/node.toml
  1. 5.
    To stake $BBC coin, all you should do is sending your $BBC coin to the $BBC Consensus contract address over the $BBC network from the validator address.
  2. 6.
    The $BBC Consensus contract address: 0x.... The easiest way to do so, is to import your private key or key-store file to your favourite wallet (for example Metamask), switch network to $BBC and send the $BBC coin to the Consensus contract address.
    You can find your key-store (containing your private key) and the password for the created account in: /BBC/nodes/validator/keys/$GAS/UTC--xxxx /BBC/nodes/validator/node.pwd
  3. 7.
    Wait for 1 cycle (approximately 48 hours).
    Wait until the next cycle gets started.
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